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Joy Powell #07G0632 is requesting that we do a phone and email campaign to Commissioner Annucci, Assemblymember Carl Weprin, and Bedford Hills in order to regain access to the prison law library so she can have meaningful communication with the court. She also needs to have her legal documents, arbitrarily confiscated by the guards last week, returned to her immediately.

Joy is working on having her conviction overturned. She has been doing this pro se. Since she has been banned from the law library, Joy was unable to submit her documents on time to the court. NYC Jericho called the court in order to get a postponement for Joy’s submission of documents to the court, which was granted.

In addition, last week Ms. Powell informed me that, on being moved from one cell to another, the guards confiscated all of her legal documents and told her that, if someone does not pick them up within 14 days, the documents will be destroyed.

Ms. Powell has a current case pending in the court. She has a due date of March 15, 2019. It is unconscionable that Ms. Powell's legal documents would be taken from her while she has a current case pending in court.

People need to call and email DOCCS Commissioner Annucci at 518-457-8126 and email him at:, and Bedford Hills at 914-241-3100 (ask to speak with superintendent, which will probably not happen). Be polite but firm. State that you are calling regarding Joyce Powell #07G0632 and request that she have access to the prison law library and that all of her legal documents be returned to her immediately. People should also write to Annucci: Anthony J. Annucci, Dept. of Correctional and Community Supervision, The State Office Building Campus, Albany, NY 12226

Also call and email Assemblymember David Weprin, Chair of the Crime and Correction Committee: 518-455-5806 and email:

Joy Powell was attacked by two 30-year old white women on Monday, March 11, 2019. She defended herself, and now all three are in keep lock on the same tier.

We need to make phone calls to Bedford Hills and Annucci's office in Albany to demand that Joy be released from keep lock immediately, as she did not instigate this incident. She should not be receiving the same punishment as the two women who attacked her.

Call Bedford Hills at 914-241-3100 (ask to speak with superintendent, which will probably not happen). Be polite but firm. State that you are calling regarding Joyce Powell #07G0632 and demand she be released into general population. People also need to call and email DOCCS Commissioner Annucci at 518-457-8126 and email him at: with the same demand as above.

Please call and let's get Joy back into general population!

Urgent Action for Leonard Peltier!

Greetings Friends, Family and Supporters;

The National Office and Board of Directors, are asking that you e-mail the following Bureau of Prison officials requesting that they re-assign the cellmate of Mr. Leonard Peltier 89637-132 to his own cell for the following reasons:


It is with incredible concern that I learned that Leonard Peltier 89637-132 was assigned a cellmate. This is highly unusual as Leonard has had a single cell for a considerable amount of time, making this sudden assignment suspect.

There has been an unfortunate history with Leonard being negatively impacted by the actions of cellmates. The time he had a cellmate in USP Lewisburg, he received disciplinary action including a transfer to USP Coleman, for contraband Leonard had nothing to do with, and he is concerned this could happen again.

This pattern of the BOP against Mr. Peltier is similar to the time that the BOP used another Native prisoner, Standing Deer in a plot to assassinate Mr. Peltier.

I am asking that you reassign Mr. Peltier’s cellmate to another location, to ensure Leonard Peltier’s safety.



NYC Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 670927, Bronx, NY 10467